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Larry Schwartz

WorkFlex Solutions LLC


Larry Schwartz is Chairman and CEO of WorkFlex Solutions LLC, a Cincinnati Ohio based company specializing in call center workforce auto-optimization solutions. Mr. Schwartz brings 25 Years of executive management experience in large-scale operational streamlining, enterprise-grade software and consumer products development, strategic planning, business transformation, and outsourced services including billing and contact centers. Prior to his current position, Mr. Schwartz was President, EVP Global Operations at Convergys Corporation, the world’s largest outsourced provider of billing and customer care services. Schwartz’s extensive industry experience includes executive management roles at major corporations including Compaq, Tandem, Nortel Networks and Bell-Northern Research. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of nVoq Inc, and is Chairman of the City of Montgomery Landmarks Commission. Schwartz earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.


My Articles

Turbocharging Agent Performance and Satisfaction through Agent-Friendly Technologies

Friday March 8th 2013 7am 1 0 Comments Agent Performance Technology
A call center manager once told me that in the last twenty years she had yet to see the introduction of new call center technology that actually made life easier for her agents. She was just highlighting in a succinct way the fact that while new technology is continually being introduced into contact centers to support new products and services, it has generally not been done with the agent “top-of mind”. Agents are, more often than not, left to deal with an increasingly complex work environment with which to perform their daily tasks.

Delighting Agents & Administrators through Workforce Auto-Optimization

Friday July 20th 2012 7am 1 0 Comments Workforce Optimization
Contact center agents serve as the outward face of your organization, and their daily satisfaction and disposition impact their interactions with your customers and prospects.

Transforming Call Center Administration Through Proactive Performance Management

Thursday April 5th 2012 4am 0 0 Comments Inbound
Leverage the power of automated decisioning and communications to drive superior performance
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